How to Make an Animated Video with Keynote

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Introduction and Setup
Hello, and Welcome!
3 mins
Course Requirements
2 mins
Keynote Walkthrough
5 mins
Setting Up Keynote for Video Production
3 mins
17 Project Templates for Social Media Videos
1.15 MB
Working with Shapes and Media in Keynote
How to Create Custom Characters and Objects
5 mins
Resource: Keynote Character Builder Template
198 KB
How to Import and Edit Images and Videos
2 mins
Creating Animated Objects and Scenes
Applying and Ordering Animated Effects
4 mins
Making Animations Dynamic with Motion Paths
2 mins
Animating Text
1 min
Automating Animations with Magic Move
2 mins
Animation Exercises: Apply What You've Learned
Resource: Project Files for Explainer Video Exercise
1.07 MB
Exercise: Start an Explainer Video
16 mins
Resource: Project Files for Animated Logo Intro Exercise
99.6 KB
Exercise: Create an Animated Logo Intro
8 mins
Resource: Project Files for Lower Third Exercise
72.5 KB
Exercise: Build a Transparent Lower Third Animation
4 mins
Resource: Project Files for Overlay Graphic Exercise
23.5 MB
Exercise: Make an Overlay Graphic
3 mins
Final Touches: Audio, Exporting, and Advanced Editing
Adding Sound Effects, Music, and Voiceovers
4 mins
Resource: 10 Background Songs for Your Videos
280 MB
Exporting Your Keynote Project as a Video File
2 mins
Editing Your Video in iMovie
5 mins
Thanks, and So Long
1 min
Bonus Resources
Free Sources for Stock Video Footage
Public Domain Sound Effects
Royalty-Free Background Music for Videos
How to Edit Audio 101 [Tutorial]
How to Make Screencast Videos on Your Mac [Tutorial]
More Video Creation Tips and Tutorials